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Alpe di Suisi

Dolomites, Italy

Traveling with friends

These alps are beautiful and very big. You reach the alp via a Gondola from St. Ulrich. It will take around 15min to reach the top. From there you will oversee the alps. However, you want to take a chairlift down or walk around 30min.

Once you arrive at the bottom you can walk around and stop by some beautiful huts.

it is also the perfect spot to do a photo shooting.

posing posing

You can spend hours in this amazing landscape. Just don't forget to take the last gondola down at 5.30pm. It’s also the perfect playground for children.

You can combine this with a visit to Seceda because you will have to take a gondola from the same village St. Ulrich.

Then I was photobombed:

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