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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Alternative Beach, Bali


Pool party at alternative beach

So there's this man made beach in Canggu Bali which apparently throws the beast pool parties every wednesday of the week and I was there last wednesday to experience it and it was wild!

They have everything, booze, gals, sunbeds, pool, jump spot, a jacuzzi and a slide ofcourse!

HOW TO GET HERE: Its on them ain street of the Btu Bolong beach so just hit that google maps and it will takeyou straight to it.

WHAT TO DO: Pool Parties, & One can stay here as well, as they have private rooms and dorm rooms too, which are almost fully booked all the time so you will have to book in advance. the dorm rooms are available under the name Kos One hostel and cos about 20$ a night.

Pool party Pool party

Jacuzzi Jacuzzi

Its near the Batu bolong beach, whether you are someone who likes to just chill in the sun with a beer or more adventurous who likes to play in the pool with some jumps or just dance the hell out, this place is for you.

Sunset views are also pretty amazing to watch from here.

So get your gang ready and check out this beach in the daytime and then head out to another clubs late at night!

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