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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Eat, Do and Stay in Bangkok

How to navigate Bangkok on a budget

Bangkok Aerial view

So I flew to Bangkok with an itch to experience the craziest street food, experience the epic nightlife and whatever else it had to offer.

This was a budget trip so I looked up a couple of hosts on Couchsurfing ( for the first few days, while for later I planned to stay at this very nice hostel called ONCE AGAIN HOSTEL ( in the old town of Bangkok near Khao San road.

How to Navigate:

Try best to learn the subway links for a very convenient and economical commute around the city.

Another way to commute is by getting a local taxi or Booking one through the app called GRAB, which also is a food/services delivery app. Download it beforehand as it's pretty handy.

How to acquire a sim:

First off I got a local sim from a 7 eleven which is a 24x7 Convenience Store throughout Thailand.

The local sim cost me 49 THB for the sim alone and then I recharged it for 99 THB for 6GB data pack and 50 minutes of talk time.

Where to Eat:

My friend and I went to this Ratchada Night train market ( which is a pretty touristy market and has a vast variety of local and crazy food to offer,

We immediately went to try PAD THAI which is a very delicious local dish made with flat noodles, tofu, lemongrass, crushed peanuts, some moong sprouts and a little hint of chili, which I totally loved.

We also tried Som tam which is a Papaya salad mixed with some crab carrot and some Thai herbs which I found pretty interesting too and can be found at any of the local or street-side restaurants.

Once again hostel reception Once again hostel reception

Where to Stay: The next day I moved to the hostel in Old town called THE ONCE AGAIN HOSTEL (, the staff was very nice and friendly. The hostel cost 550 THB per night for a six-bed dormitory and 450 per night for an eight-bed dormitory. If you plan to stay longer than a day, then I suggest you book for just one night then extend the next day before 11 am to get a further 15% off on the price.

Once again hostel front Once again hostel front

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