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Exploring Bandung, Indonesia

West Java

Exploring Bandung, Indonesia

I visited Bandung in the monsoons with a friend and stayed in the OYO Topas galeria.

A 10-minute drive from Bandung Airport, Topas Galeria Hotel features an outdoor pool, restaurant and rooms with modern furnishings. It has a 24-hour reception, Wi-Fi access and free private parking. It is a very pretty hotel and very convenient for a short stay.

During our stay the weather was almost perfect in this city and was consistently warm and sunny.

OYO Topas Galaria OYO Topas Galaria

We went to the Hummingbird eatery almost everyday and were very pleased by the food they offered. The wooden décor and interior is mainly in natural color to get that welcoming atmosphere. The indoor lively atmosphere is still everyone’s preference on a hot sunny day. However, by the time the sun has disappeared, everyone just rush in to that outdoor “bird nest” to get the wind breeze. The menu selections were a mix of both classic food with as well as some western fusion.

Hummingbird eatery Hummingbird eatery

Later that day we visited the Bandung creative hub and captured some amazing minimal photographs. The city of Bandung was chosen to be one of 47 cities in 33 countries that are part of Creative Cities Network Unesco. The Bandung Creative Hub stands on a building consisting of six floors of the building and has become a big tourist attraction for those interested in art and architecture.

Bandung creative hub Bandung creative hub

Afterwards we headed to the famous sulphur crater called Kawah Putih for some amazing landscape shots and aerials. Kawah Putih, which means “white crater,” is located in Ciwidey in West Java, around 2 hours from Bandung. There is no hiking involved in order to go there, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the region.

One of the two craters of the dormant Mt. Patuha, Kawah Putih’s waters turns milky white to white green, depending on the amount of sunlight present, and makes for a very picturesque view. But you probably won’t be able to stay too long due to the smell!

Kawah Putih is best enjoyed quickly. Get in, take lots of pictures, and then get out.

Kawah putih Kawah putih

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