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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Exploring Bhimtal, Uttrakhand, India

A small lake town amidst the hills of Uttrakhand.


I planned to visit this beautiful town last year in the month of July, while I was in Nainital. I rented a scooter there to experience the place the local way,

I started the ride to Bhimtal early in the morning from Nainital, the route was very scenic and very raw,

and took us about an hour to get to Bhimtal from Nainital.

Bhimtal is a very small lake town in the state of Uttrakhand, India. While Bhimtal may be a small town in the heart of Uttarakhand, it is undoubtedly high on natural beauty which works well for those who are always up to relish the best of views. If you’re a nature lover Then this is the place for you.

Aerial view of the town Aerial view of the town

enroute bhimtal enroute bhimtal

Reached in time just to have the following view from my hotel Shiva Solace

Aerial view of bhimtal Aerial view of bhimtal

The town is very peaceful and inexpensive, for someone who just wants to take a chill pill and dive into the nature's beauty.

We spent the rest of the Boating in the lake, and had some street food delicacies like Bun Anda, Soya dumplings and Cheese Maggi.

lake side views lake side views

We watched the sunset by the lake too and it was marvellous and then we got back to the hotel.

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