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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Exploring North of Goa, India

tropical paradise

Paragliding at sweet water lake, Arambol

Every year I spend a month in the state of Goa, this has almost become a ritual for me, and if it wasn;t obvious I love it here, the vibes, the culture, and watch the sun go down every day at a different beach, although Arambol is my favourite beach in Goa, it has started to attract a fair amount of tourist, due to this reason I spend more of my time in South of Goa now.

Let's start with North Goa though, it's mostly the hub for local indian tourists and water sports.

FACTS: 90% of the states revenue comes from tourism.

I usually start my days in the north, having breakfast at a cafe in Arambol or Mandrem beach. (both being my fav in north)

Breakfast at Mandream beach cafe Breakfast at Mandream beach cafe

Then headed to the vagator hill by the vagator beach which is quite a drive from Mandream but I love it cause, on this particular hill there's just two trees where I like to put my hammock and chill.

Vagator hill Vagator hill

And then around the sunset, I visit the nearby beach which happened to be Baga this time, Baga beach is pretty famous and tourist amoung north Indians for night parties.

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