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Gunj_Guglani contributor

My First snowfall experience

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Snowcapped Manali town

In the Winters of 2018, My cousin and I decided to go to Manali, a hill town in Himachal pradesh, where we hoped to experience our first ever snowfall,

We took an overnight bus from New Delhi bus station also called Kashmere Gate;

The bus cost us 1500 each, the journey from Delhi to Manali took about 12 hours,

We reached Manali around 8am the next day, then headed to our Hotel Vashisht which is in Vashisht Neighbourhood of the town.

We were really tired from the last night journey so we straight up hit the bed to nap for a couple of hours,

Woke up and this was literally the view from my balcony, I had never experience a snowfall before,

I am amazed at the beauty of the snowcapped landscape and oh how could I not drone the view,

Fired up my drone right away and captured his below shot, it was absolutely magical sight.

manali in winters manali in winters

Neither of us had experienced this freezingly cold temperate before, my fingers literally froze while flying so I got it back and went off running into the snowfall with my 360 cam.

It being my first experience I was tripping balls in the snow and how it enhanced the beauty of nature with its layer.

Balcony view from my hotel in Vashisht Balcony view from my hotel in Vashisht

Spent the rest of the day with shields of blankets in front of the heater. XD

Since the roads were closed we had dinner at the hotel itself though there are many local and fancy cafes and restaurants on the Old Manali part of the town.

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