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New Delhi, India

Capital city

New Delhi, India

Started the day very early so that I could ride through New Delhi with the least traffic possible and cover the most epic locations.

We visited three must- see places this day as to not overbook our day.

First on the list was the iconic India Gate in the centre of the city. The India Gate is a World War I memorial towering over one of the most chaotic and colorful cities in South Asia. Surrounding this majestic arc, there are other must-do things as well.

Next we headed to the biggest spice market in all of Asia known as Khari Baoli near Chandni Chowk, New Delhi. It has a myriad of shops selling all kinds of Indian (mostly North Indian) spices, herbs and food products, like rice and tea. It is adjacent to the historic Red Fort in the north part of the city. The best way to reach Khari Baoli is by the Delhi Metro. Step down at the Chandni Chowk station, and follow the exit marked for Chandni Chowk. Once you exit the metro station building follow the exit marked towards Khari Baoli, which is routed through a garden.

Sunrise view from Khari Baoli.

Khari Baoli terrace Khari Baoli terrace

Lastly we went to one of the city's concrete jungles that is Dwarka neighbourhood in the west part of the city. Dwarka is a much-in-demand, middle class residential area of south west Delhi,

There we had our lunch at Cafe Le' Amor,

and went rooftopping to watch the sunset and also got this aerial shot from my drone.

Dwarka sector 12 Dwarka sector 12

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