Rainclouds In Palermo

A walk during a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms in Palermo

I had to get out! I’d been stuck on a bus for 13 hours, and when I finally arrived at the hostel, I immediately fell asleep for another 12 hours. 15 hours of the sedentary life and I was itching do something... anything. So I zipped up my bright pink rain jacket, and dared the rain to drive me back indoors. At first, I was pleasantly surprised. The ominous thunderclouds looked like they were headed the opposite direction from where I was headed. So I strolled, taking sites of the sea, traffic, fish vendors, fruit vendors, until flood of water began to pour over me. To my left I saw something that looked like it was a picnic shelter. A suspicious figure resembled an old man...adjusting himself. I quickly shrugged it off, it couldn't be that. But as my vision dropped I caught the uncanny trickle of urine! I quickly retreated on to the side walk. A millisecond later, a fruit vendor was yelling at me to sit under his makeshift tent. I walked toward his beckoning, still a bit in shock with the old man peeing. The fruit vendor sat me down and rattled off questions and random bouts of information at me. Then suddenly he popped the most delicious strawberry into my mouth. Feeling like a character from a Fellini movie, I tossed my heading back and laughed.