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Steph local_hero

The Bright Lights at God's Own Junkyard

Prepare yourself for a sensory overload!

Floor to ceiling of perfectly arranged vintage signs

Looking for something a little bit different? Then God’s Own Junkyard is definitely for you. Hidden in one of the most unexpected corners of London in Walthamstow you’ll find what looks like a normal grey warehouse building sat in a courtyard, yet what you’ll discover inside is completely paralleled with the somewhat disguised exterior.

It is almost comparable to approaching a Tardis (Doctor who fans will get this) and stepping in only to be greeted with the unexpected larger scaled interior - with God's Own Junkyard you’d never expect the sheer volume of over the top colours from floor to ceiling inside such an underwhelming building. I think for me that’s what made it even more special and unique.

Prepare for sensory overload as you walk in, the array of neon and light bulb vintage signs are really something else, including old movie props and retro displays, art made from found objects, retrieved and renewed waste and lights. Trust me you’ll spend about 10 minutes just stood in one spot whilst your eyes unpick all the small and wonderful bits and bobs. I remember I was going to New York a few weeks after I visited this place so I particularly loved the statue of liberty model pictured below.

After you’ve looked around you can grab a refreshment of beer, tea, coffee etc from the little cafe in the corner with a couple of comfy chairs available. Whether you’re a Londoner and you’ve yet to pay a visit, or you’re on holiday in the city, you really must come and experience this iconic place - it’s free to visit and really is not one to miss!

You\x27re greeted with the 60\x27s cow You're greeted with the 60's cow

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