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bethsandland contributor

2 years ago

North Sydney Olympic Pool, NSW

A pool with an iconic view

Built in 1936 for the 1938 Empire Games, very little has changed at the Art Deco style Olympic Pool. It’s a much loved icon for Sydneysiders, harking back to a bygone era of simplicity. However, it’s recently become a tourist hotspot due to the amazing location in the shadows of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The location offers unparalleled views of the bridge and across to the Opera House, so much so that many visitors don’t even go in the water.

However, the pool itself is well worth a dip! It’s a great place to cool off, whether you just fancy splashing about, enjoying a leisurely few lengths or creating some serious waves in the fast lanes. You can also watch the local clubs do their thing! The real charm of the pool is how little has changed, from the traditional changing ‘sheds’ to the original wooden seating terraces, which give panoramic views over Sydney harbour.

Whilst it’s increasingly on the tourist map, it doesn’t yet attract the crowds you might expect and it’s certainly a fantastic place to spend a leisurely afternoon. An added bonus is the best way to cross back to the city is by the convenient ferry which leaves from outside the pool, giving you yet more opportunities of beautiful Sydney.