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a year ago

U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

When Sunrise is Pure Magic

U Bein Bridge at early morning

When you travel you often end up doing things that normally you wouldn’t do back home, even if they are the most common. We just don’t even notice them anymore. Like watching the sunrise.

Probably one of the most precious and suggestive moment of our daily life.

If you are in Mandalay, Myanmar, you can’t miss a very important landmark of the country: U Bein Bridge.

It is a 1.2 km wooden bridge which connect two parts of the Taungthaman lake, near to Amarapura.

The bridge is one of the oldest wooden bridge in world, built in 1851.

This is definitely one of the most suggestive place to watch the sun coming up; a very simple moment, filled of ancestral and breathtaking beauty.

The bridge is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is an important communication and tradenroute between two sides of the lake.

After sunrise, the bridge starts getting slowly busy: locals, sellers and monks go back and forth crossing it.

Since early morning, vendors start selling their souvenirs and products.

You will take stunning pictures for sure!


The best way to avoid the crowd of tourists that will spill all over? Just get there when everybody is still sleeping!

Probably 5.30 am is the best time to walk on the bridge and wait until the sky starts brightening up.

It will be a unique and spectacular sunrise!

Also the sunset is another perfect and magic moment of the day.


From Mandalay, the easiest way to get to Ubein Bridge is by car or motorbike, since there are no public transportations!

The ride (12 km) will take approximately 30/45 min, depending on the traffic.

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