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What To Do In Cameron Highlands

Discover the coldest city in Malaysia

View from Mossy Forest

Malaysia is certainly a hot country; there is not doubt about it. Temperature can reach very high levels and sun is very challenging.

The heat can be exhausting and leave you without energy, especially in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur.

If you need a break from the killing Malaysian heat, then Cameron Highlands is what you are looking for.

Trek trail Trek trail


The weather in Cameron Highlands, in fact, is very different from the rest of the country: the temperatures can drop very easily, especially during the night and reach 10-12 degrees.

There is nothing like snow, but you’d better get your self a sweater and long pants!

Tea plantation Tea plantation


Approximately 200 km from KL, Cameron Highland is a small town built in the middle of the jungle and the tea plantations, which are the main attractions.

The town is very, very small; it consists of a main road and few streets with restaurants and souvenir shops.

So what can you do in such a tiny place?



From the town there are different trekking paths that you can follow and that will take you to the tea plantations.

It’s better if you use an offline map on your phone, like, since there might not be signal in some areas.

The paths, between 10-15km, are pretty narrow and right in the middle of the forest. Are you ready for a trekking adventure?

Here you can find the complete map with the trekking trails:

Tea Plantation Tea Plantation



Mossy Forest is one of the most popular trekking spot in Cameron Highlands.

There is a walking path inside of approximately 2km where you can also read about the flora and fauna inside.

The Mossy Forest has its own microclimate, due to the elevation: the trees are, in fact, cover with a blanket of suggestive fog. It might remind you of Avalon Forest!

Mossy Forest Mossy Forest


The entrance fee is 30 RM.

How to get there? There is no public transportation, so you might rent a car or scooter, go by taxi or even better (and funnier), you can hitchhike!

Mossy Forest Mossy Forest



Cameron Highlands is famous for its delicious strawberries!

There are numerous strawberry farms that you can visit, where you can taste delicious strawberry jam, ice cream, chocolates and cookies.

Strawberry farm Strawberry farm

You can easily get to some of the strawberry farms by foot.

Because of the lack of transportations in Cameron Highlands, you might get a driver who can take you around.

Another funnier alternative is actually hitchhikig; people would be very happy to pick you up!

So are you ready to chill out, eat strawberry and hike in the coldest place in Malaysia?