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jakobwandel contributor

Western Ireland and Cliffs of Moher

If you are able to travel a little bit outside of the city, I recommend doing so. There are miles and miles of beautiful farmland and more sheep than you can count. I cannot tell you how many times I stopped on the side of the road to enjoy the views of Western Ireland.

Somewhere in Western Ireland Somewhere in Western Ireland

Cliffs of Moher:

There is a reason these seaside cliffs are among the top tourist destinations in Ireland; they’re unbelievable. To stay on brand, I woke up at 0400 so I made sure I could avoid the crowds and get the best lighting for photos! Although you don’t get a good view of the sunrise, the sunlight spreads nice and evenly across the the cliffs. If you are getting up this early make sure you pack some fruit and snacks for the drive. *Note if you don’t have a rental car, there are busses and shuttles that travel from the city to the cliffs*

Since it is a popular destination for tourists, they have made it very accessible. It is maybe a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the cliffs. However, you can walk along the cliffs as far and as much as you’d like. Who knows, you might just see some horses if you go the right way! The cliffs are endless so be sure to stop and sit (in a safe spot) somewhere along the cliffs.

A horse near the Cliffs of Moher A horse near the Cliffs of Moher