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rehamyoussef local_hero

a year ago

Just for Once, Christmas in Naples

When it’s christmas time in Naples, all the streets shine brightly and you will know it’s time to get ready for the new year. Everything in the street looks like new beginnings, the start of a new phase that you wish it holds all the best for you.

Balconies and shop displays are all decorated with Flowers and colorful charts which make you feel those positive vibes of the christmas and new year.

First thing to do there in christmas is to taste the Napolitan christmas cake which is well known there. It is made with butter and sugar, and also don’t forget to enjoy its heavenly taste with the Napolitan coffee as well.

If you are willing to do some shopping for christmas, you can take the metro to toledo, ana there you can walk in Via Roma, one of Napoli’s streets that is well known for its variety of shops.

cultural fascinating time in Naples during the christmas will be overwhelming, then I recommend you to buy Naples arte Card. This is a good way to save your a lot of money while visiting many historical places as you will have access to most of Naples museums.

If you want to go wild, and dig deeper; then take the train to Sorrento! “Mama Mia” this is how Italians express themselves when they are impressed. Exactly, this is how you will feel when you’re there. Although it’s a summer spot, yet in Christmas it will inspire your soul with its serenity and peacefulness. A small house on the shore, lights around the corner and soft music with your loved ones. What else do you need?

If you really want to enjoy christmas in this city; then set your senses free, look “through the smokescreens of the crowded restaurants” and witness how love and vividness are spread in the air.