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If you are anything like our team, one of the first things you do in the morning is sip on a cup of coffee while gearing up for the day, checking emails, or taking the dog(s) outside. And while we certainly have our favorites, we are more than happy to try out a new brand– especially if it means supporting women-owned businesses in the process.

So, if you and I were to sit down to coffee, the first question I’d ask would be:

“What’s your relationship with coffee like?”

For many — it’s an experience, not just something to douse with sugar and gulp.

The world of coffee roasting is vast and rich. We've come so far from buying freeze-dried coffee granules from glass jars, with a lot of the general public finally discovering what it means to drink truly great coffee. It's not just about Arabica or Robusta anymore — no, we've all gone down the preverbal rabbit hole of coffee beans, learning everything from washed versus natural processing to just how the growing location of the coffee affects what your brew tastes like.

“Let me inspire you with an incredible lady leading one of today's Woman Owned business”

Coffee should be for everyone, regardless of gender. But the industry has typically dominated by men, it’s wonderful to see an amazing woman cementing her place within the world of coffee. Owner & Head Roaster, Eva Trevathan of Mean Beans Coffee Company LLC… Crafts some fantastic small batch offerings, that are hard to find anywhere else, she’s dedicated to bettering the coffee industry at all levels. From developing relationships in the sourcing process to offering absolute transparency on each of her roasts, Eva takes a whole approach to roasting and concentrating on the sight and smells of each batch. Her methodical approach celebrates the unique growing and processing methods, focusing on sustainably sourced single-origin coffees and environmentally-friendly roasting practices. Eva is fully-dedicated to lifting up people throughout the coffee supply chain, making the industry all the better for it.

Through these relationships, Mean Beans Coffee offers fantastic coffee that won’t only dance on your palate, but also empowers women at every level of the coffee supply chain, showing us how important it is to care about the world around us. And how we can do so even with something as small as buying a cup (or bag(s)!) of coffee.

Now, that’s worth supporting.

Mean Beans Coffee Company makes fair trade, organic, and sustainable coffees sourced from women-owned or women-managed farms from around the world! Bring their goal to empower women to every cup, offering whole bean, grounds, gift boxes, or even a monthly “Sipscription.”