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Virje Waterfall

The mystical gem of Soča Valley

Soča valley is one of the most famous gems in Slovenia. It's perfect for anyone who loves spending time in nature. Although Soča valley has many incredible places to visit, my favorite ones are waterfalls. Virje waterfall is one of them.

The water of Virje waterfall comes from Giljun Stream, which is one of the rare karstic springs that never dry up. The waterfall is the 12 meters high multi-stranded one and stretches up to 20 meters wide. Underneath the waterfall is a big emerald green pool. The place looks like a fairytale.

Virje waterfall Virje waterfall

The water there is icy cold, but I've read that many people take a swim there. I didn't try it as we visited the place for sunrise, and it was cold with no sun. Otherwise I would probably do it. It looks too magical not to try it.

The waterfall itself is quite picturesque and the photos look great from every angle.

How to get to the waterfall?

The easiest way is coming with a car to the parking lot of the waterfall. From there you need max. ten minutes to get there. You can also come by foot (many people walk to all these popular places in Soča) or cycle there. You just have to follow the labels for the location you want to visit. Everything is marked so you can't get lost that easily. 😊


  • Hike to the top of Virje waterfall. It only takes a few minutes. It is a bit steep, but it's not that hard to get there. You'll see beautiful pools up too, plus a new perspective on the place.

Top of Virje waterfall Top of Virje waterfall
  • From there, continue to the Giljun source. It's not that far away, but it is something you can't miss. Especially during morning as the light can be amazing.

Morning vibes at Giljun source Morning vibes at Giljun source

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