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Ireland Trip


At Giant's Causeway

Fresh from Nehru Dragon-boat race in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE we went straight to the airport for our flights going to Dublin, Ireland. Though our team is not complete to compete we still decided to go.

Straight from Dublin Airport with out luggage we went straight to the race venue. Thank you to the Irish Dragonboat organization for allowing us to paddle though we are short in numbers. We manage to win however we are not qualified to join the finals.

Experiencing paddling with Dublin water is great. Indeed our crazy journey from visa to booking flights and back to back race is so worth it. It was a crazy fun experience.

On our second day, we did had the hop on hop off tour exploring Dublin city. The weather is nice cold however we have not completed the hop on hop off route due to rain.

On our third day is trip to country side. We went to Glendalough Woods Nature and Kilkenny.

Glendalough Woods nature is amazingly beautiful. The forest, falls and lake is refreshing, I can be here for longer time just being with nature.

After Glendalough we went straight to Kilkenny, its a small town with grand castles and preserved monasteries and churches.

Glendalough Nature Woods Glendalough Nature Woods

at Kilkenny Town at Kilkenny Town

Another country trip in the West on our fourth day. We went to Kilmacduagh Tower, breathtaking natural wonders Cliffs of Moher, beautiful rock formation next to the sea The Burren, and exploring the harbour city of Galway.

Kilmacduagh Tower Kilmacduagh Tower
At Cliffs of Moher At Cliffs of Moher

The Burren The Burren
At Galway At Galway

Going North on our day 5. We went to famous Game of Thrones shoot locations, The Dark Hedges, The Iron Islands, and Larrybane Quary. Also we went to the Giant's Causeway And dropping by Belfast City.

The Dark Hedges The Dark Hedges

The Giant\x27s Causeway The Giant's Causeway

The Giant\x27s Causeway The Giant's Causeway

The Iron Islands The Iron Islands
The Iron Islands The Iron Islands

Larrybane Quary Larrybane Quary

At Belfast At Belfast

Indeed my trip to Ireland is great! the places were amazingly beautiful and I am with great friends!

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