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Hiking the Torres del Paine "O" Trek 7/9

Day 7: Los Cuernos (12 km / 7 mi)

Torres del Paine National Park is heaven for lake lovers and this day confirmed it for me. Every lake has its own colors and if I had to name the most beautiful lakes in the park, I would say Nordenskjold and Pehoe. As we left our campsite we entered another dense forest and crossed a couple of beaches that would have been perfect for a swim if the water had not been freezing cold.

The Nordenskjold Lake was strangely placid. Its waters are known for the strong winds that can convert the lake into a sea. It felt good to hike on “Patagonian flat” again after days of severe ups and downs and we took our time to enjoy the views of The Horns and Mt. Almirante Nieto, a colossal 2640m (8660 ft) tall rock titan.

Hiking along the Nordenskjold Lake Hiking along the Nordenskjold Lake

Our guide Brujo helped us crossing a few rivers that were the perfect excuse to stop and drink heavily. Patagonia has some delicious pure water and you can refill your bottle almost every two kilometers, which makes the experience much more pleasant if you are lucky enough to have a warm day. We hiked through the steppe and reached EcoCamp after 6 hours. We had done a wonderful 360° walk of the mountain range but the circuit was not over yet. We still had to enter one last valley.

\x22Dome Sweet Dome\x22. EcoCamp feels great especially after a week sleeping in campsites "Dome Sweet Dome". EcoCamp feels great especially after a week sleeping in campsites

“Tomorrow will a hard day,” Brujo warned us. “No problem at all,” I replied. My muscles were ready for any kind of hike after six days of intense hiking, and I was looking forward to conquering Torres del Paine’s most famous hike.