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Not far from the Indian southern coastline, the Maldives is in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago is a tropical paradise, home to white sand beaches, sparkling waters, and vibrant aquatic life. Being a dream destination for plenty of tourists, the place offers experiences worth a lifetime. It is perfect for solo travelling, and you can visit with your family and friends as well.

If you are planning your Maldives trip, then this article is for you. It is your guide to a range of Maldives tour packages made to meet your unique preferences and budget requirements. It provides you with the details of major landmarks, iconic attractions, and accommodation options. By the end of it, you will be able to plan your perfect Maldives trip.

Everything About Maldives Tour Packages

All these places are the highlight of a Maldives package and give a clear idea of what you can explore.

Beaches and Islands

The Maldives is a cluster of islands making it famous for beaches. The beaches here have heavenly white sand and clear waters. With more than 1000 coral islands, you have various options for a delightful and calming experience:

Fulhadhoo Beach

This beach is known for its atmosphere. It is perfect to unwind and relax while enjoying the view of crystal-clear waters. This beach is serenity at its best.

Reethi Beach

This beach is on a private island. If luxury is your preference this is your ultimate location. You can engage in adventurous activities and get a thrill out of snorkeling.

Veligandu Island Beach

This beach is an ideal place for honeymooners. You can witness romantic sunsets with your partner and relax. This beach is a part of the Maldives packages for couples.

Marine Life and Coral Reefs

There is a reason that Maldives marine life is considered vibrant. It is the most famous thing about the Maldives and every year many tourists visit just to see the coral reefs and diverse marine life. If adventure is your vibe, then you can enjoy snorkeling and diving. Visiting the famous reefs is a part of the Maldives vacation package:

Banana Reef

This reef is one of the oldest dive sites in the Maldives. Here, you can see colorful corals, sharks, and barracuda.

Manta Point

This is famous for manta rays. Here you can swim alongside the manta rays and indulge in a unique experience.

Fish Head

This place offers a chance to witness a wide range of fish species. This is a must-visit location for underwater divers. You can also get this exclusive experience with the Maldives 7-day package.

Luxurious Resorts and Accommodations

The Maldives offers a premium, once-in-a-lifetime luxurious experience. You can explore some of the best high-end resorts and boutique hotels. No matter how you travel, whether solo with your partner or with family, you must taste the luxury. You have a range of options for your stay in Maldives with overwater bungalows and beachfront villas. You can make a choice and alterations to your Maldives tour packages.

Luxurious Resorts

The Maldives tour packages include options for you to choose and they offer luxurious stays at resorts known for their service and hospitality.

Boutique Hotels

Couples and families can choose boutique hotels for a more personalized experience. You can pick anything from beachfront bungalows to cozy traditional Maldivian stay.

Budget-Friendly Options

There is something for everyone in Maldives tour packages. Even if you are travelling on a budget, you can get an affordable and comfortable stay at available guesthouses and local hotels.

All That Maldives Tour Packages Can Offer

Honeymoon Packages

The Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination, and couples can have an exclusive romantic experience with private resorts and villas. The couple Maldives package includes:

Private Transfers

Couples get transfers to their resort in a seaplane or a speedboat.

Overwater Villas

For a more luxurious stay, couples can get accommodation with direct access to the lagoon.

Spa Treatments

Couples can give a whole new vibe to their tour with massages and wellness experiences.

Candlelit Dinners

To make the trip special, couples get private dining on the beach or in your villa.

Family Packages

The Maldives is also a remarkable destination for families where they can stay in family suites, visit the kids club, enjoy water sports (kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling), and indulge in dolphin watching, island hopping, and cultural tours.

Maldives Package from India

Maldives tour packages from India are specially created to provide a hassle-free travel experience. It includes flights, transfers, and hotel stays. The packages are made with various options based on individual budgets and preferences. You can either stay at luxurious resorts or budget-friendly guesthouses.

Maldives 7 Days Package

You can choose the 7-day Maldives package that includes all locations and an overall exploration of the island. You get:

Detailed Itineraries

You get a complete plan that covers relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences.

Day Trips

During the day, you can visit the nearby islands, diving spots, and local villages.

Activities and Excursions in the Maldives

Water-Based Activities

Travellers can get most of the Maldives with adventurous sports and water-based activities such as:


Perfect for exploring the vibrant coral reefs and discovering diverse marine life.


Full of adrenaline rush with underwater caves, shipwrecks, and abundant marine biodiversity.


You can catch waves at famous surf spots like Pasta Point and Sultans.


You can also try your hand at traditional Maldivian handline fishing or go big-game fishing.

Wellness and Recreation

Other than adventure and beaches, the Maldives is quintessential for deep rejuvenation and relaxation. It is the hub for wellness activities such as spas, yoga, and meditation. Your Maldives package holiday must include a recreational session.

Spa Treatments

Get complete body massages and facials at luxurious spa facilities.  This is a one-time experience, that you must make time for. Maldives trip packages usually include spa sessions for tourists.

Yoga and Meditation

Take your Maldives tour a step further with yoga and meditation sessions and give yourself the ultimate detox trip. Such sessions happen on the beach, and this amplifies your experience.

Wellness Retreats

You would not get such an opportunity anywhere else other than your Maldives vacation package. From fitness to nutrition and holistic therapies explore everything on your Maldives tour.

Plan Your Trip to The Maldives

What is the Best Time to Visit?

As Maldives is a tropical destination, there is no hard and fast rule on the best time to visit. However, if you still want to have an ideal Maldives trip then the dry season from November to April will suit you. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, giving you more time to spend outside. Apart from that, the monsoon season begins from May to October and the weather is humid with frequent rain showers. You can visit during monsoon on a lower budget and tourists are also few during this season.

Essential Travel Tips

The first and foremost tip would be to choose one out of the Maldives tour packages based on your preferences and budget. The options are varied such as Maldives 7-day package, Maldives trip packages, Maldives vacation package, and Maldives package holiday.

You also can explore Maldives packages for Couples if you are planning a Maldives trip with your partner.


Right when you arrive at the airport you will receive your visa. Usually, tourists get a free 30-day visa. At this time, you must fulfill your entry requirements based on your nationality. On a Maldives package from India, you must fill in your details according to that.


Even though Maldives has a local currency Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR), US dollars are accepted. You can also use your credit card.

Health and Safety

It is also safe and advisable to have travel insurance for your own safety during the Maldives trip.


Planning your Maldives trip can be a hassle, but you can get a seamless experience by choosing one among the Maldives tour packages. Travel packages give you a complete itinerary, giving you a chance to explore the destination and worry less about tickets, stay, and food.

Unify Holidays can bridge the gap between a wonderful Maldives trip and you with their exclusive Maldives tour packages. You can choose based on your preferences and further customize the plan according to you. The rest of everything is handled by the experts. So, get ready to witness the tropical paradise and plan a trouble-free Maldives trip with Unify Holidays.

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