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Dora-Luka contributor

2 years ago

Native Lodge near Risnjak National Park

Kolibe stare mame (Old Mom's Pyramids)

Native Lodge

Luka and I had been planning for some time to go somewhere on vacation, but we didn't know where. We just knew we wanted somewhere we hadn't been before, where it's quiet, where are not many people, and where we will rest close to the untouched nature. We did a little research and came across Kolibe stare mame via the Airbnb site. All I can say that we were delighted with what we found there.

Kolibe stare mame is located in a secluded area not far away from Lake Mrzle Vodice on the way to the Risnjak National Park. The lodges are pyramidal in shape, and there is a simple accommodation with mattresses for up to 10 people, which makes it advisable to bring your own sleeping bag, even if it is possible to rent bedding when you get there.

The hosts are really very kind and friendly, although I have the impression that our arrival was most appreciated by the beautiful Bernese mountain dog.

About the food, it is possible to arrange meals prepared by the host; definitely highly recommended - we were amazed by the breakfast of home-made eggs, mountain honey and organic mint from a nearby garden, but there is also an outdoor grill and ingle for those who want to prepare their own meals.

The location of the accommodation is ideal because of its good connection to the nearby tourist attractions (Risnjak National Park, Lokve and Fužine Lakes, Lokvarka and Vrelo Caves) as well as the northern Adriatic coast, but if you decide to stay only in the Mrzle vodice you will certainly not regret.

If you are a fan of Robinson tourism, like to stay outdoors and prefer simple accommodation, Kolibe stare mame is definitely the accommodation for you.

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