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A day in Thycattussery Village, Kerala;

South India

Kochi, Kerala, India

A friend and I planned on visiting Kerala for a dunk competition,

We flew from New Delhi to Kochi Airport, Kerala, and headed straight to the basketball court after th dunk competition, we wanted to wander to the remote places to experience the raw culture and we ended up at this village in Pallipuram called Thycattussery, Kochi, Kerala, India.

Thycattusserry is a village in the Cherthala taluk of Alappuzha district in the Indian state of Kerala and upon arrival we were greeted by the most amazing people!

The people of this village were very friendly and welcoming, not only did they invite us into their homes but they also showed us their culture of food, and how they hunt and acquire their raw food directly from nature.

thycattuserry village thycattuserry village

Thycattussery village Thycattussery village

A man from the village took us to the river to show us how they caught their food from the river. Fishing is another major source of their livelihood. The place has a network of canals which are connected with either the Arabian sea or the Vembanad backwaters. Of late prawn farming has caught up with the place and the prawn mainly go into the export market. We got to see some cool prawn fishing.

freshly caught sea food freshly caught sea food

Then they cooked us Quail and rice for lunch.

Quail and rice Quail and rice

It was such an incredily culturely rich experience; later we headed to our next location called Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu State of India.

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