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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

I live in New Delhi, the capital city of India, and Agra, the city famous mainly just because of the Taj Mahal, is only a 4 hours drive away,

(Note: One can also take a train or a bus from New Delhi to Agra for just about 500 INR, the best app to book train or bus is PayTm )

when my friends rang me at midnight about their plan to visit the Taj Mahal, I never have been there before, just couldnt say No to this spontaneous plan,

I fueled up my car, and off I drove to chase the sunrise at the Taj.

We made it just in time for the sunrise and weather was just perfect, and we got treated with the epic architecture, totally amazed at the details and the amount of work that must have went into making this wonder.

Firstly we went to the Yamuna ghat to get a view with a nice clean reflection of Taj , the boat ride cost us 300 INR ~ 50$ for about 15 minutes .

taj from the yauna ghat taj from the yauna ghat

Later we went in to get a close look;

The entry ticket for which was only 50 INR for Indians and 1000 INR for foreigners.

Taj view from Masjid by the side of it. Taj view from Masjid by the side of it.

We then explored around the boundaries to get the best photos.

One can also go inside the Taj for which you will have to pay another 200INR , but since photography is prohibited insdie, we didnot go inside, rather just explored whatever interesting frames we could find in the boundaries of it.

Once we got all the perspectives we wanted to achieve, we went out to have our breakfast at a nearest restaurant and had south indian breakfast which included Idli , dosa, sambhar and coconut chutney for about 300 INR.

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