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The Top Foods to Try When in Bangkok

Thai food

During my time in Bangkok, I tried some of the most bizarre and local foods. I've created a list on what you MUST try.

1. Lets start with the most delicious ones, which for my taste buds was the Biggest Rainbow Prawn which I found at a restaurant called Jumbo Lobster in Chinatown (, this giant Prawn cost me about 2500 THB, and could serve at least 4 people.

Biggest rainbow prawn Biggest rainbow prawn

2. Then comes perhaps my second favorite. Pad-kra-Paw, which is Beef keema with some Thai spices served with rice and duck sunny side up egg. It's a little too spicy for me but it was very delicious, and rich in flavor. It cost me about 155 THB at Phedmark restaurant (

Pad-kra-paw Pad-kra-paw

3. Pad Thai with Tofu. Very delicious and tasted best with some lemon squeezed over and mixed with everything. This cost me about 70 THB at a local stall at the Ratchada night train market.

4. The most bizarre of foods I would recommend would be the crocodile and the fried insects like scorpions, cockroaches, crickets and worms, which cost about 50THB for a mix of 50g and the scorpion alone cost about 100THB for one piece and the crocodile kebabs cost around 150 THb for one stick.

This bizarre food could be found at any of the most touristy markets on Khaosan road like the Ratchada night train market which is famous for the variety of food and nightlife.

Make sure you try these on your next trip to Bangkok!

Crocodile Kebabs Crocodile Kebabs

Fried Scorpians Fried Scorpians

Fried worms, crickets Fried worms, crickets

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