Brisighella, an enchanting village of the Three Hills

Discovering Brisighella, one of the most beautiful villages in Emilia Romagna (italy)

Brisighella (Emilia Romagna, Italy)

How many times does it happen that the closest things are also the most ignored ones? This is precisely what happens very often to the villages of Romagna, so close, so beautiful, all too ignored.

Today I'll take you with me to one of these beautiful villages: Brisighella, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, on the slopes of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines, very close to Faenza.

But what can't you miss in Brisighella?

Here is the list of the main attractions of Brisighella that will fill your gaze with wonder and amazement, some practical advice on how to get there, where to park, and where to eat.

If you arrive by car: in Brisighella there are several free car parks. Leave the car near the center, and stroll through the village, Brisighella is wonderful on foot. For example, you can park right on the slopes of the Rocca Manfrediana.

In Brisighella there is also a small station, so it can also be reached by train (regional).

The charm of this place is certainly not a secret, it seems to see a vividly colored painting, framed by three hills, above which its most evocative architectural symbols rise: the imposing Rocca Manfrediana, the curious Clock Tower and the fascinating Sanctuary of Monticino.

What will amaze you is that, from the center of the village, whatever the angle from which you look, you can see its most important monuments that overlook and dominate the village!

I suggest you start with the visit from the three elevated monuments and then go down to the village to walk and stop for lunch.

In fact, even the village is a small Romagna gem, with its clean streets and its characteristic shops.

But not only. For the main street it will not be difficult to find the historic Via degli Asini, an elevated road, built in the century. XIV was born as a bulwark to protect the village. Later it was covered and incorporated between the houses and was used as a shortcut for the buggers who, with the help of donkeys, transported the plaster from the quarries above the town. And it is precisely for this reason that the Way took this name. It is very characteristic and unique of its kind, among other things perfectly preserved.

But the village still has a lot to offer, a perfect place of peace where you can breathe a unique atmosphere.

Via degli Asini - Brisighella Via degli Asini - Brisighella

In the surroundings of the village of Brisighella, if you like hiking and trekking, there is the Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola, candidate to be counted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a rare example of a mountain range composed exclusively of selenite gypsum crystals. Inside the park you can visit the Tanaccia Cave and the Cave of King Tiberius but beware, they are only open from April to October, preferably accompanied by an expert guide.

If you want to learn more about the itinerary in Brisighella, know where to eat and learn about the suggestive events organized by the IAT, I leave you my article where I talk about it in detail:

Clock tower in Brisighella Clock tower in Brisighella