Condo For Rent in Bangkok under 30,000 Baht ($799)

Do not know which condo to rent, this guide will help make your decision process quicker

The year 2022 is approaching fast. Christmas is just a few months away. The New Year of 2023 is quickly upon us. Time to make changes in your life to be ready for the new year and get that fresh start you need! Some create new year's resolutions for better health, for their professional career to jumpstart, maybe to start their own business, or to find love.

Sometimes an option of the list above starts with a change of scenery—a new condo to rent in Bangkok.

Do you want to change your lifestyle and look for a different place to stay after Christmas 2022? A new apartment to rent in Bangkok offers the perfect opportunity to explore the local surroundings. You will find a different atmosphere, a festive environment, and exciting people to motivate you even more for the new year of 2023.

We compiled a list of exceptional apartments for you to think about what changes you want to make in your life this Christmas season.

Let's begin with the list below of apartments in Bangkok city center to rent for under 30,000 THB ($799). Side note the year 2023 is the year of the rabbit; the lucky numbers are 2, 5, and 7.

IDEO Rama 9 Asoke

Elevate the ideal urban lifestyle in Bangkok's New Central Business District by redefining it at "Ideo Rama 9-Asoke," a brand-new luxury condominium development situated on the main thoroughfare in the Huai Kwang neighborhood. IDEO Rama 9 Asoke is in a prime location; that provides quick access to all conveniences, including offices, shopping centers, hospitals, and educational facilities. A few famous establishments are Fortune Town, The 9th Tower Grand Rama 9, CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9, and Praram 9 Hospital. IDEO Rama 9 Asoke gives you a studio - 3 bedrooms option to rent. What happened during the pandemic made people change their behavior. As reported on TheThaiger, Thais prefer to live nearby hospitals and are more health conscious. IDEO Rama 9 Asoke provides fantastic connectivity to Rama 9 hospital and Phyathai 2 Hospital.

Starting price to rent an apartment at IDEO Rama 9 Asoke is 17,000 THB (USD 450)


Circle Sukhumvit 12

For those seeking a home in the city's center, the Circle Sukhumvit 12 apartment is another intriguing choice. The low-rise apartment focuses the design on connecting with nature in the middle of the town and has an eco-friendly approach. The concept combines a residence with a modern common area, amenities, and facilities. The amenities, which include a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a sitting room, will be on the eighth story. Even as a low-rise residential building, you have a fantastic view of the city center, away from the city noise. The rooftop is calming and peaceful at night, where you feel like you are out in the fields.

The project offers you unit choices for studio - 3 bedrooms and a selected few penthouses as well.

The price for rent at Circle Sukhumvit 12 starts at 18,000 THB (USD 476)


Four Wings Residences

The Four Wings Residences apartment is a perfect choice for those looking for an option slightly further away from the city center. The apartment near the MRT train station in Bangkok has improved its public transportation system. For someone who wants to move to a trendy new neighborhood district of Bangkok. Surround yourself with street foods, night markets, and chic cafes, reminiscing the old Bangkok charm.

Four Wings Residence is located in Hua Mak area; nearby hospitals and universities are for more expats, especially from China and Japan. As reported on CBRE Research, the number of Chinese expatriates increased by 8.1% Y-oY because of more Chinese brands entering Thailand.

On the other hand, the number of expatriates in Thailand increased by 2.2% Q-o-Q. Hua Mak is one of the districts growing in the number of expatriates because of its location, better public transport system, and more leisure facilities built all around the district.

Starting price for rent at Four Wings Residence is 20,000 THB (USD 529)


Urbana Langsuan

You will live comfortably in the center of Bangkok City center with a simple but endearing apartment. The ambiance in the room creates a cozy and alluring sensation. Thus, it serves as this project's defining characteristic. The project's surroundings are beautiful, and the building's design is straightforward. The condominium is close to the Chitlom BTS Station, making transit more straightforward. Due to its location in the hub of convenience, it is accessible from anywhere. Smack right in the heart of Bangkok City, with excellent restaurants, bars to chill, a park nearby to go for an evening jog and much more to do in Urbana Langsuan.

Price for rent at Urbana Langsuan Apartment is 30,000 THB (USD 799).

Christmas is approaching, and it is time to take action. If you are living in Bangkok and want to change, now is the time to find a new place.

Bangkok has plenty of property available for rent, but some are more expensive than others. You can always find a place that fits your budget by searching online or talking with friends who have recently moved.

Time to change is spontaneous and easily done!