Mr. Bubble Maker from Barcelona

Thanks for one of my favorite pics and memories

This picture is one of my favorite in life. It was 3 years ago, in Spain, in one of my first trips alone. It was already the end of the trip and I was exhausted, even a little sick. But it was the first of few days in Barcelona and I had to enjoy, so I left with my sneeze face and went to the nearest place, just not to say that tiredness had won.

When I arrived at the Arc de Triomphe square, it was almost late afternoon and there was a lot of people walking, skating, rollerblading. I walked and came across this man making bubbles and a lot of children around. He saw that I took my camera, turned himself to me and kept making bubbles to contribute to my photos, with all patience, until I stop. We smiled at each other from afar and I left.

What is it called who makes bubbles in the square? Is there a name for it? It could be maybe plucker of children smiles. Or from the nosy photographers. Or from the bad tempered people. Anyway, thanks, Mr. Bubble Maker. You were responsible for one of my favorite pics and one of my most beautiful memories in a not promising day. I'm glad I left that day.

Arc de Triomphe, Barcelona, Spain.

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