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One Of The Best Infinity Pool In KL

Ready To Swim In The Sky?

Kuala Lumpur has got 1900 skyscrapers and tall buildings.

Every edifice has been built towards the sky.

Walking on the street will make you feel tiny like an ant, especially when you raise your face up to look at the buildings around you.

Infinity pool Infinity pool

So what is the best way to “look” at the city, without feeling completely overwhelmed? The answer is very easy: get up to a roof top!

The city has plenty of rooftop bars at the highest floor of a building. The most popular is the Heli Bar, where you pay around 10 euro to get in and get a drink of your choice.

Infinity pool, Regalia Infinity pool, Regalia

If a roof top has got an infinity pool, you’ll enjoy even more the stunning and marvelous view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

Especially at night Kuala Lumpur, from the top, looks like some futuristic city, the same we are used to see in sci-fi or fantasy movies.

Does KL remind you of Gotham City?

Regalia residence Regalia residence

One of the most spectacular roof top with infinity pool is at Regalia Residence. Take a dive, chill in the water and admire the sun setting behind the majestic skyline of Kuala Lumpur, even better while sipping a cocktail.

Regalia residence Regalia residence

The rooftop has got a bar as well and a restaurant.

What else is missing?

How to get to Regalia: the easiest and fastest way is to catch a taxi via GRAB, the most popular app.

Regalia residence Regalia residence

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