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The Rabbit Tree Hostel, Gili Meno

The Mind Game Hostel That Will Blow Your Mind

The rabbit tree

Have you ever been in a hostel which looks like a colorful and fun alternative reality?

There is a magic place in the beautiful and small island of Gili Meno, where your stay will become an incredible experience.

The Rabbit Tree, run by Sebastian, the very funny and welcoming French host, was entirely designed to become an “interactive” hostel.

Rabbit Tree Hostel Rabbit Tree Hostel


From the outside, the hostel looks like a place from a fairy tale: entirely made of wood, it got a straw roof as well!

Once you enter into the Rabbit Tree, you will dive into a whole new and unforgettable adventure!

First thing you do, every time you access the common area, is washing your feet into a tiny stream of water (no shoes policy!). So you will be ready to start exploring the hostel!

Language exchange Language exchange


Every room has a specific name, related to the experience that the guest can get.

For example in the room called, Bola-Bola, guests will be sleeping inside a balls house, where they can play like kids!

In the Pillow Room, guests can have fun solving the mystery behind a the “disappearance” of the pillows. Just follow all the hints and clues and you’ll find the hidden pillows.

Pillow Room Pillow Room


There are also tiny rooms in the shape of rabbit holes, hidden spots and tiny staircase that take you to the rooftop.

The Rabbit Tree hostel will make you feel somehow nostalgic, throwing you back to your childhood, when you used to be playful and genuinely creative as a kid.

Another interesting room is the Grandmas’ room, designed and furnished as it was your actual grandmother’s vintage place!

Grandmas\x27room Grandmas'room


If you are traveling in couple, you can’t miss the Bamboo room or the Passion room, both decorated with bamboo and plants.

Definitely the common aera is a real treat!

There is a net hanging on the ceiling, just above the common area, where you can either take a nap or lay down to relax.


You will also have breakfast (with French crepes and chocolate), sitting at a table which can become a swimming pool! How incredible is that?

There are plenty of activities running the whole week by the amazing staff: movie night, language exchange, snorkeling, board games, family dinners, drinking games (the hostel has got a bar as well!).

At The Rabbit Tree it’s impossible to get bored!


How to get there?

From Gili Meno Harbor you only need to walk 10 minutes. If you don’t want to walk and carry your backpacks or luggage you can jump on a horse-drawn carriage.

In Gili Meno there are no cars, nor bus, nor transportations! Just bicycles.

Are you ready to enter into an extraordinary reality?



Bamboo room Bamboo room

Grandamas\x27 room Grandamas' room

Breakfast Breakfast