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Cruising in Cuba

Classic Cars and Cuba, A Perfect Combo

Yeah, I know that Cuba isnt just about great cigars, Mojitos and yes classic cars, but there’s something about seeing these pieces of history cruising around that makes you just want to jump in. When in Havana, there are classic cars everywhere. From the cabs on the street to drivers you can hire for the day that drive around in some mint condition rarities. So whether your just going from place to place or want a driver with a little more personailty to take you on a tour around Havana for the day, make sure you jump in the back seat of as many cool rides as you can.

Cruising Down The Malacon

We hired Junior to drive us around Old Havana. Aside from the car being fantastic, his personality and insight was well worth the pricetag. Cubans are extremely passionate and opinionated about politics and their socio-political situation. It definitely made for some great soundbytes.

Taxi Taxi

The streets of Cuba resembles a living gallery of classic cars. It’s like your in an outdoor museum. The pride in which Cubans treat these cars go beyond their earning potential but you can tell there is a genuine love for the inherent beauty they possess.

Green Machine Green Machine