Khaokho: Sea Of Clouds in Low Season EP. 1

1 year and 2 months anniversary of me and my Khaokho trips. Let's see how I plan and how's it going.

Sunrise at KhaoKho

Go to Khaokho, Phetchabun, Thailand in the low season is a good idea. There is a public holiday in July and it’s prime time.

There is a public holiday in July. It’s the prime time to visit Khaokho to see the sea clouds because they come after the rain, furthermore, my intention is to appreciate green and verdant scenes. This time is recommended. In this article, we will tell you how it is going from my experience.

This story starts in July 2022, I intended to escape the hastening in Bangkok to somewhere full of greenery valleys and serene but also have facilities in the surroundings. I searched for information with my elder sister and settled down with Khaokho because it met my needs, having a verdant valley and still providing facilities inside. The most important thing is that the campground that I reserved can pick me up from the bus stop. So, no worries about transportation. I will explain about the camp in the next part.

Mango Valley Campground Mango Valley Campground

I saw Mango Valley Campgrounds on Facebook and it’s suggested in Google Maps, the review is not bad and the admin is also lovely. So, why not?

Let's continue on the next post.