Khaokho: Sea Of Clouds in Low Season EP. 2

How's it going in the whole trip. Warning! There's a bit longer than EP 1. So, get your water and snack while reading.

Khaokho mountain view from the campground

The campground has always been my muse. Mango Valley Camp meets my needs because of its cleanness and convenience. The tents are situated on a step of the valley, they offer two wooden tables and an adorable wild flowers front. Who’s Achluophobia or concern of darkness no worry, electricity is available there. One tent will have two lamps, one for the inside and the other one on the table. Inside the tent are a soft mattress and fluffy duvet. So, the Mango Valley campground can be defined as a “convenient camp”.

One thing that highlights is the viewpoint. They provide a sea of clouds according to the weather. Fortunately, on that day, I met the wonderful sunrise two days I spent. As well as a sea of clouds with a sunset. This convenient camp is affordable prices, for two nights only 2,700 THB. You can pay the deposit of 1,890 and the difference can be paid when check-out. For other room types and prices, check it out on their Facebook page.

The activity part is not anything special due to its short term and my intention is to take a rest. The plan is

Khaokho breaking dawn Khaokho breaking dawn

  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Mango Valley Campground \x27s Breakfast Mango Valley Campground 's Breakfast
Mango Valley Campground\x27s Thai style BBQ Mango Valley Campground's Thai style BBQ

  • Eat breakfast and Thai-style BBQ. The owner is cooking very well


Cedar Cafe at Khaokho Cedar Cafe at Khaokho
The Cafe\x27s tree house exterior The Cafe's tree house exterior

  • Go to a cafe nearby (I’m a caffeine addict) and I found an adorable cabin with interesting forest

  • Reading chic-lit (The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella), I’ll tell about pocketbooks I bring when having a trip in other content.

Forest View while walking Forest View while walking

That’s it, these five things can be done within one day.

Whereas, the other idea pops up in my mind! Khaokho has a wonderful maze and I want to visit. It’s far from the camp and I went on this trip alone. Thus, the shuttle car’s rental price is a bit high but I still want to. The driver is so nice and reliable. He drives me to Khaokho maze and it’s fantastic. I spent only 14 minutes clearing the mission and we are back at the camp.

Khaokho Maze Khaokho Maze

And the second unexpected took place! I have three new friends from the next tent. They asked me to join a Thai-Style BBQ together. We get along well and are still in touch now. We not only eat but they took me to the Khaokho viewpoint and see a sea of clouds together. That was my most memorable experience in Khaokho.

Khaokho Sea of Cloud View Point Khaokho Sea of Cloud View Point

This is evidence of the fact that rainy or low season like this is the prime time to see the sea of cloud at Khaokho. The scene of it could end my story perfectly. But the impression thing still took place the day after.

The campground's owner will take me to the bus stop back to Bangkok. It’s almost time to go but his mother is really kind. She prepared breakfast for me before the kitchen opened. And every food of hers is full of delicious. For frankly I cannot clean all the plates because I hurry. But If I had a chance to go back, I would have eaten it all.

Breakfast Served in Car Breakfast Served in Car

That’s a warming ending scene of the Khaokho trip.

The power of greenery, kindness from others, and time of mine (really mine no social media) are charging the energy of somebody like me who is too exhausted. And I want you to experience this.

Last but not least. Here is my Khaokho trip summary.

Khaokho trip bullet journal Khaokho trip bullet journal

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