senad.dziho contributor

Morning In The Sahara Desert

After a night spent singing play drums and smoking shisha we woke up at 6 am. I only slept for two hours! The sky wasn’t clear like the day before, in the distance I saw lots of rain clouds.

The sunrise colors were absolutely insane. I've Never seen a more beautiful sunrise before. I had the opportunity to shoot some dope stuff, and it took like two hours for me! Amazing. Some people climbed the big dune again, others went back with another camel ride, but we were different from the others.

We returned back to Merzouga in a 4x4 jeep. My friends and I were on the roof of the car. At first I thought, no, the first crazy thing or bump of this car will throw us so far that they’ll not be able to find us!The car started to go like 80km/h in the dunes, with a few jumps and some wheel spins. During all of this, the driver told us to just relax and played some reggaeton music for us! Such a cool guy!After 30 min of jeep ride we returned to our bus, we had breakfast, and then we went back to Marrakech.

This was the most beautiful experience that I've ever had. The Sahara is so magnificent, and a night in the Desert makes all of your long travel through Morocco worth it. I met a lot of new people, incredible nomads, humble guides, and this is something that I’ll never forget. Trust me. And go to the Sahara desert!

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