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A Perfect Day in Istanbul!

With Turkish Airlines becoming one of the biggest airlines right now, flying to almost all locations in the world, it's likely you will someday have a layover in Istanbul. Why not make the most of this opportunity and stay for a night to explore this interesting city

The hotels in Istanbul are very affordable. I stayed at the 4-star Peyk Hotel, which is very centrally located, and of fantastic quality for just 50 euros per night.

One of my favorite spots! One of my favorite spots!

To start your day wake up early and visit the Blue Mosque, as Istanbul can be very touristy especially in high season - it's always good to start early in the morning and skip the crowds when visiting the most important monuments of the city. After seeing the Blue Mosque and its interiors, walk to Hagia Sofia, which is, in my opinion, the highlight of Istanbul.

It's only a short walk from Hagia Sofia to find an excellent fish and seafood lunch. The Seven Hills Restaurant truly has the best panoramic views. Their grilled fish and seafood is delicious and paired with a nice glass of Turkish white wine - simply perfect.

Ortakoy! Ortakoy!

No trip to Istanbul is complete without visiting the Grand Bazaar. The perfect place to buy anything you like as a souvenir or a beautiful typical Turkish decor for your home, there is no shortage of options here as this place is so huge you will get lost inside. Afterwards stop by the very near Kuube Istanbul, which is a free rooftop terrace with the best view of the city. You can also drink some Turkish tea while enjoying the sights.

By paying a small fee, you can take shots in the rooftop setting they have, while the owner feeds the birds and makes dozens of them fly into your picture and easily give you one of the best Instagrammable moments.

Best views for sure! Best views for sure!

Continue to Ortakoy where you can stroll through the stores for souvenirs, visit the Ortakoy Mosque and take a shared cruise on the Bosphorus river, which makes you experience Istanbul from a very different and peaceful side. You will be able to experience some of the fancier sites of this city together with majestic palaces by the water.

For dinner, try a typical pottery kebab and Turkish dessert in one of the many local places. All this makes for a memorable day!.