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Valley de la Luna

A visit to the moon on earth

Bolivia is a country of astounding geographic and climate diversity. It co-hosts the longest and second highest mountain range in the world and Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake, a good chunk of the Amazon rainforest, the famous salt flats and, linking them all together, vast amounts of desert.

One of the more bizarre landscapes can be easily admired by a trip to the Valley of the Moon, just 40 minutes on a minibus out of La Paz.

Making beige look good since way back, the ‘valley’ is like a huge open air cave featuring sandstone stalagmites and crazy formations of all sizes.

There is a 30-45 minute walking loop that will take you through the valley to the best viewpoints. Entry is 15bs and your photos will be extra magical if you visit at sunset.

Getting there

Many tour operators in La Paz will take you there, but I would recommend having the local experience and taking one of the famous minibuses for only 3.50bs. Flag one down that says Mallasa on the front. From the city centre, the 253 will take you there from Plaza Belzu otherwise Plaza Humboldt at the start of the green cable car in San Miguel is also a good place to catch the bus. Alternatively a taxi should be no more than 50bs one way.

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