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Lunch At Popular Cocina

The best of Bolivian Cuisine

If you go out for just one meal in La Paz, it should be at this restaurant.

Popular Cocina burst onto the food scene in October 2017 when Diego Lionel Rodas Zurita and Juan Pablo Reyes Aguilar brought their vision to life of a restaurant offering Bolivian cuisine with a modern twist.

Juan Pablo says “we are inspired by the traditional flavours we assume. They are our identity as Bolivians, flavours inherited by our ancestors, which, today more than ever, we have the obligation to show our own and strangers.”

His business partner Diego Lionel says that at Popular Cocina "traditional elements of the country are rescued, but with a twist in which the cooking has raw ingredients, textures and flavours to offer a popular and contemporary experience."

The best way to experience the talents of the chefs is to order the menu del día (set lunch menu). This changes every week and allows a choice between two entrées, mains and desserts. And at only 65bs, it’s ridiculous value for money.

At Popular Cocina style and creativity come to life right in front of your eyes but without compromising on flavour.


Popular Cocina opens at 12.30pm for two lunch sittings. Advance books aren’t accepted so in order to reserve a table arrive at 11.30am and be prepared for a wait.

It’s worth it!

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