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The Pand Hotel in Brugge 🏨🇧🇪

4* luxury at it’s finest

The beautiful interiors in the lobby

I think I’m safe in saying that anyone who travels — whether frequently or on occasion — has that one place that always holds a special place in your heart. So much so, that even if you have been there multiple times, you still end up going back to re-live it and appreciate it all over again. For me that place is Brugge.

You always hear stories of how beautiful and picturesque it is, but unless you’ve experienced the quaint little town for yourself you’ll never feel the magic it has to offer. I was actually having a drink at a pub in London after work yesterday and I couldn’t help but over hear two men saying just that. I just had to chime in so we could share our love for the place. It leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and oozes romance. Now, this is where the hotel comes into the story…

I’ve visited three times in total now, the first two times I stayed in hostels — even the hostels in Brugge feel more like cosy family-run BnB’s rather than the backpack kind of atmosphere — but this time we decided to go that extra mile. We booked a 4* luxury hotel right in the centre called: The Pand Hotel. Now, I can’t express enough how amazing it was. When you book a luxury boutique hotel you always have the expectation that it’ll go above and beyond, but this place was even better than I’d imagined.

For starters, it was absolutely beautiful. The cosy and traditional interiors were just to my taste and the service was impeccable, they treated us with such a warm and personable welcome so that we felt at home instantly. I wish I knew the name of the guy that looked after us so he could get a shout out...

We had a champagne breakfast one of the mornings — which set us up perfectly for the day — and was, as you can imagine, delicious and special. The ‘happy juice’ as our waiter called it was definitely that... Everything was made with love and sprinkled with little touches unique to the hotel.

In terms of location, we were slap bang in the middle of everything. Which was great for when we wanted to pop back to the hotel, and especially convenient for when we walked back to the hotel after an evening of indulging in 8% beer. Had to be done.

So as you can tell… I can’t rate this hotel enough. If you’re looking for luxury boutique at it’s finest that provides a romantic atmosphere, then you must consider The Pand Hotel.

The stunning entrance (Yes it was a tight squeeze between the trees!) The stunning entrance (Yes it was a tight squeeze between the trees!)

Our first drink! Our first drink!

The ultimate cosiness The ultimate cosiness

Our winning champagne breakfast Our winning champagne breakfast

Lets us not forget the coffee... Lets us not forget the coffee...

No surprise this is called the Charming room... No surprise this is called the Charming room...

The dreamiest queen bed The dreamiest queen bed

The tea list was to die for The tea list was to die for

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