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bethsandland contributor

2 years ago

Sydney to Melbourne Overnight Train

Great to travel

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Whilst the flight between these to two great Australian cities might be only 90 minutes, the overnight train provides a great alternative option which is kinder on your travel budget and on the environment.

Taking the train removes any airport related hassle, including the time and expense of travelling to and from terminals as both the departure and arrival stations are in the centre of these large, metropolitan cities. Further, there are no baggage or liquid restrictions on the train and no need to waste time sat in a departure lounge! You’ll even save on a nights accommodation.

The journey takes 11 hours and is an organised and relaxing experience. Pre-purchase tickets on line, arrive at Sydney Central or Melbourne’s Southern Cross station and board the train with your luggage and your snacks! There’s no need to rush as seating is reserved and there’s ample room on baggage racks.

The seats are comfortable and come with a plane style table, charging plugs and the ability to recline further than on a plane seat. At ‘bedtime’, lights are dimmed and the carriages are silent. Guards helpfully wake customers if they’re getting off before the final stop. An eye mask and ear plugs are a good idea if you want to maximise rest.

Food and drink are sold on board or you’re welcome to bring your own. There are also clean toilet and basin facilities on the train; you’ll arrive in Melbourne (or Sydney) around 07:30 fresh and ready to explore a new city!

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