Cholistan Desert

Awaken to a different world

Cholistan is desert of Pakistan and its local name is Rohi. It is thirty kilometer away from Bahawalpur and falls under the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is famous for forts and traditional race festival of Camels. And camel is called “Plane of Desert”. Ther desert of sindh adjoins by cholistan desert. The word cholistan is derived from choli which means desert in Turkish language that’s why it is known as cholistan. People of cholistan are innocent and their life spends while searching food from one place to another and the move with their animals. The major land mark of cholistan is Drawar Fort, and it is also symbol of identification for cholistan. Drawar fort is forty eight kilometer away from Dera Nawab Sahib. The local language is sariki which is also spoken in surroundings of cholistan that shows it historic importance and back ground.

Cholistan is mainly depends on its animal assets as it has shortage of water and rainfall. The local craft is leather products, weaving and textiles. Cholistan is famous for superior quality wool carpets all over in the Pakistan; it has huge production other parts of the country in Pakistan.

Beautiful rugs, carpet and woolen items are made of this fine quality which is obtained from sheep and goats. Blankets are also made from wool which is the local need of area as winter nights are very cold and some time temperature falls at freezing point. Local textile is khuddar which is used as wearing cloth.

Cholistan economy is dependent upon cattle breeding. It is majorly satisfying the needs of cottage industry and meat, milk and fat needs. Wealth of people in cholistan is their animals from those they obtain milk, butter and wool for earning bread and butter. Almost nature has blessed every minor to major thing to our beautiful country.

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