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Mi Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is just the perfect place for me, I had the opportunity to be there twice in my life, and I can't get enough of it! From walking around seeing the sights, to the crazy nightlife, Madrid offers fun for all different kinds of travelers.

You can start your day walking around in Plaza del Sol, which is the city center. You can visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, which is like 15 minutes on foot, the Debod temple or you can relax in the Retiro Park, all within walking distance from the city center.

Madrid has a lot of options if you want to grab a bite, from expensive restaurants to small cafes or fast food joints where you can eat for a fair price. Here I'm going to recommend some cheap and good places:


-Nostrum is the best place to eat on a low budget, they offer a variety of sanish food from 1 euro to 5 euros, you can have break fast or eat there and they have restaurants all over Spain, not just Madrid.

-101 Montaditos is a place where they sell small sandwiches, and you can find their locations all around the city. On Wednesday they have sandwiches for 1 euro and cheap beer too.

-Sidrería El Tigre is a place where they sell traditional cider; this place has 2 or 3 restaurants in the city. Inside you can order one beer for 5 euros, and they will serve you a variety of tapas. This place is in Infantas street #23 close to banco de España metro station.

-Mercado San Miguel is a good place to eat because it offers a lot of gourmet food from different little restaurants, is like a foodcourt but of spanish food, beer and wine.

As you walk through Madrid, you will find a lot of alleys where you'll find cool gift shops or small bars where the locals go. I would recommend visiting the bars near Gran vía, which is one of the main avenues.

Shop: If you want to shop, Gran Vía is the place to go; this street has a lot of fashionable clothing stores for all kind of budgets.

Party: If you want to party, Madrid has a lot of places to go: Pub Crawls, nightclubs, and small bars, if you're traveling on a low budget, you can join a pub crawl in Plaza del Sol or grab a beer somewhere near the center, on Wednesdays 100 Montaditos has beer at 1.50 euro, or +K COPAS is another bar which has low price drinks.

This agencies organize big parties for international students during the week, if you get to be there during the week make sure you contact them.

If you want to go clubbing the most popular one is Teatro Kapital in Metro Station Atocha. This place is amazing, it has 7 floors and different music in each one, so for me this place is worth it but the truth is that it’s expensive.

The weather in Madrid can be very extreme; it can be majorly hot or super frigid depending on when you go however it rarely snows, so that's a plus!

This is one of my favourite cities in the world, the people are really friendly and you can find things to do always.