Top 5 Recommendation Pet-Friendly Condos in Pattaya

Want to take your pet with you when you travel? Here are the best pet-friendly condos in Pattaya.

Pet-Friendly Condo in Pattaya

Pattaya is bustling province of Chon Buri, Thailand, and well-known for its lively beach town. The city provides plenty of new accommodations with its growing popularity among locals and expats alike to work, travel, and set-up businesses in Pattaya. Today our guide is on for you to find pet-friendly condos with your furry friend, as moving to a new city alone is a daunting task. Searching for pet-friendly condos in a lively city such as Pattaya, many property developers now offer pleasant pet-friendly condominiums. Read on to find out more where the top 5 pet-friendly condos in Pattaya we recommend.

The Riviera Ocean Drive

The Riviera Ocean Drive The Riviera Ocean Drive

The first one of 5 pet-friendly condos we recommend is The Riviera Ocean Drive. The project is a comfortable environment, and their facilities provide convenience to residents and their pets. The Riviera Ocean Drive is an international quality standard condominium. Their room types are studio bedroom (22.5 Sq.m)-2 bedroom (104 Sq.m) across 43 floors. Moreover, the project provides convenient facilities inside the condo such as: swimming pools, convenience store’s, and eateries. And the project's common area allows your pet to come and go for walk and play during the evening that meets pet owners' needs.

Siam Oriental Plaza

Siam Oriental Plaza is a well-known pet-friendly condo in Pattaya. The project is Pattaya, Chon Buri. There are plenty of facilities nearby this lovely community, including eating spots and bars. The project is also close to Phra Tamnak Mountain Viewpoint, just 950 meters away from your home.

Siam Oriental Plaza is a low-rise development with 8 floors each. The room types are studio bedrooms-3 bedrooms, the condo units size starts from 27.5-176 Sq.m. Every condo unit allows you to bring small pets such as: cats, dogs, and rabbits. Furthermore, the project provides numerous leisure facilities, you can walk your pet to the playground or play with them in the clubhouse. Additionally, the project is close to local attractions, including Khao Phra Bat Pattaya and Bali Hai Pier.

Jada Beach Condominium

Jada Beach Condominium project is located in Mueang Pattaya, the city center with easy access to Muang Ake Central Pet Hospital. You will live with your pets conveniently in a spacious studio bedroom (35 Sq.m)-1 bedrooms (67 Sq.m) across 8 floors. It's fully furnished with a classic design, and you can see Jomtien Beach’s view from your condo window. Your pets are allowed in all the common areas and facilities in the condominium such as the swimming pool, and garden area.

Dusit Grand Condo View

Dusit Grand Condo View is located in the city center, for you to travel easily around Pattaya. This pet-friendly condo is developed by Dusit Group. The project is a high-rise residential building providing pet owners a fully-furnished condo unit. You can choose from a 1 bedroom unit to 3 bedroom unit to live with your furry friend.

Dusit Grand Condo View Dusit Grand Condo View

The project allows all kinds of pets, such as: dogs, cats, hamsters, and even exotic pets. Dusit Grand Condo View units are very spacious, starting from 44-205 Sq.m. for your pets to roll around. The project is nearby Better Pets Hospital a mere 10 minutes drive away for you to not worry if and hopefully not happen when your pets are sick.

Reflection Jomtien Beach

Reflection Jomtien Beach will impress you at first sight with their luxury modern style design. The project is a low-rise pet-friendly condo in Pattaya full of lush sky gardens and 180-degree sea views. This project is suited you pet-lovers who prefer more comforting environments.

Reflection Jomtien Beach Reflection Jomtien Beach

Reflection Jomtien Beach provides you with 1 bedrooms (40 Sq.m)-4 bedrooms (150 Sq.m) across four floors. This pet-friendly condo has great facilities inside for your pets, including a pet playground and a garden for them to play outside. You will live in a relaxing space with beach atmosphere and premium service inside with your furry pet in the lively city of Pattaya.

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