New Year’s First Seafood Meal

“ROS-TIP”: The Best Sea Food Restaurant in Hua Hin

After counting down for 2020 New Year in Cha-am, we decided to drive 30mins to Hua Hin for one of our all time favorite sea food restaurant. We drove to Kao Tao district which locates 10km from Hua Hin city (between Hua Hin and Pranburi).

“ROS-TIP“ is its name and it’s a “must“ for us. Everytime we have vacation in Cha-am, we always drive to this place.

This restaurant is considered “one of the oldest seafood place” in Hua Hin even HM.King Bhumibhol (King Rama 9 of Thailand) also used to visit for lunch while he sailed his sailboat.

All of their seafood menus are homemade and fresh from the local sea.

Here are our dishes on 01/01/2020

1st menu “Thai Omelette with Oysters” - Although it was small portion and very local dish but it’s so delicious. Tasty, not too oily, full of fresh oysters. This dish is always good with Sriracha Chilli Sauce.

2nd dish - “Pla-Samlee-Tod-Nam” (Black-Banded Trevally fried in Water). Another of my favorite dish here. Sincerely speaking, I personally don't like the fillet of this kind of fish. It’s too crumbly. However, it’s exceptable for this restaurant. Probably because the fish is so fresh which makes the fillet so tender. The soup which mix between all ingredients with the moistures from the fish itself makes everything so tasty.

3rd dish - “Nuae San Pak She” (Beef Tenderloin with Coriander) is also our all time favorite. Medium rare beef tenderloins mix in spicy ingredients topping with conriander. I have to say that the beefs this time were very well cooked and were mixed perfectly with all ingredients (fish sauce, lime juice, chillies, onions. Most significantly, an aroma from corianders is fitted perfectly with the beef.

4th dish “Pla Muek Choop Pang Tod” (Thai squid calamari) - Deep fried fresh squids with good quality flour. You dip it with sweet plum sauce. 4th dish “Pla Muek Choop Pang Tod” (Thai squid calamari) - Deep fried fresh squids with good quality flour. You dip it with sweet plum sauce.

5th dish - “Kang Pa Pla Sai” (Local Spicy soup with Sand Whiting Fish and Thai Eggplant). Probably this dish is too spicy for anyone who are not get acquaint with hot Thai dish. However, it is worth to try especially the fillet of fresh Sand Whiting. This is a “highlight.”

6th dish - “Pla Sai Whoop Pang Tod” (Deep Fried Sand Whiting with Flour). Highlight is fillets of this fish themselves which is tender, sweet, fresh and juicy. The texture is close to Squid Calamari. Really Love ❤️

Finale!!! “Hoi Klang Luak” (Scaldedl Cockle) - Cockles are very local seafood which can be easily found in these areas upper south region. This time, we were lucky to have Big size cockles. The restaurant cooked them by scalding in medium rare. Then, you open their shells and using fork to get meat and dip them in spicy sauce. It’s also my all time favorite!!