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Magical Cappadocia, Turkey!

Cappadocia looks magical in pictures you see all over the internet, but is it really that beautiful in reality? The answer is yes, This is one of those places that should be on everyone’s list as it is a once in a lifetime experience. It truly is spectacular and better than the photos you may see

Gallery Ikman Carpet Store! Gallery Ikman Carpet Store!

Arriving at Nevşehir Airport, it will take you around 30-minutes by car to get to Goreme which is the place you want to be in. I stayed at a couple of different hotels to experience distinct views of the balloons in the morning from their gorgeous rooftop terraces. Each terrace is different and unique, so, in my opinion, it's a good idea to stay 4 nights and split them between 2 hotels, then staying at just one place.

My two favorite places in Cappadocia are Koza Cave and Mithra Cave Hotel. They are actually located within easy walking distance of each other.

Gorgeous Landscapes \x26 Animals! Gorgeous Landscapes & Animals!

Besides the balloons, Cappadocia has a lot of other sights worth experiencing. The best way to do sightseeing here is by hiring a private driver for the day through your hotel. I was surprised by the low price, as it’s just around 50 euros total for an entire day. Before the tour, I showed some pictures of the places I wanted to see and the driver brought me to all of them and made several other amazing suggestions of local spots to visit.

Some of the must-see places, in my opinion, are the carpet heaven called Gallery Ikman- it is fabulous for some shopping and gives amazing pictures, Goreme Open Air Museum, hiking at the Love and the Rose Valleys, Pasabag and going for a camel or horse sunset tour. Don’t forget to walk around and explore the beautiful town of Göreme with its many sights, shops, and restaurants. Everything is within easy reach here.

Beautiful Cave Hotels Everywhere! Beautiful Cave Hotels Everywhere!

In the evening when it’s time for dinner, there are some great options available for a delicious Turkish meal. Two of my favorite restaurants are Turkish Ravioli- a small place that is always full, so make sure to book in advance. The food is delicious and the service absolutely perfect and super friendly. The other is Restaurant Seten. This place has the absolute best views in Goreme, and it’s perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner. I had an amazing pottery kebab here.

Finally when all lights go down this town looks so magical with an atmosphere that transports you to another era in time..

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