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Toro Toro, the Cretaceous Park

Follow the stunning dinosaurs footprints

A welcoming dinosaur in the main square of Torotoro National Park, Bolivia

When traveling to Bolivia, an under-visited country in South America, which I think it's still like a golden virgin, you should add Toro Toro to your bucket list and it's really worth it going to this particular place in the heart of the country. Getting there is a pure adventure trip.

Toro Toro can be translated to «bull bull» and is located in the Andes Mountains, the longest mountain chain on Earth, and it shows visibly how The Andes were formed as a product of tectonic activity whereby Earth was uplifted as the Nazca plate subducted under the Continental plate.

The National Park of Toro Toro is located in Potosí but it's easier to get there from Cochabamba.

In Cochabamba there are two transportations available, choose the bus instead of the minivan because the fare is cheaper. The only bus that goes one way once everyday departs full of locals and the few tourists that want to explore this unique village of a short population. Soon as you get there, you'll realize that it is midnight and you need to get some rest, therefore you have two options, camp in an open area or stay at the bus company's hostel, both alternatives are good enough because even being there at high altitude (over 2500m.a.s.l.) it is never too cold at night.

The great canyon of Garrapatal is a natural World wonder The great canyon of Garrapatal is a natural World wonder

You need to pay an entrance fee and a local guide will show you footprints along the way that will make you feel the presence of dinosaurs, and also how to reach the waterfalls and the river deep in the canyon. You have to hike down nearly a thousand meters of altitude. The trekking takes around two hours, it can be hard on a sunny day but it's easy to follow as the path is in good condition and cold water of the river it's a relief.

Ancient landscape Ancient landscape

From to the top of the hill of the great canyon of Garrapatal, considered as the next natural World Wonder is the perfect viewpoint for birdwatchers to spot "The majestic condor of the Andes", one of the biggest birds of the world.

The majestic condor of the Andes The majestic condor of the Andes

Uyuni, La Paz, and Copacabana can be at the top of your bucket list but in Toro Toro, you will enjoy the detachment from the city and put your feet on the same earth were used to be land of dinosaurs.

Another trekking that you can do in the afternoon is to the Umajalanta caves where the water is lost in the earth and you can hear bats everywhere and also see blind fishes by pointing with a flashlight to the water pools inside the caves. Enjoy the beautiful silence and total darkness there!

Caterpillar in tree Caterpillar in tree

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