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Temples of Bangkok

Old town

I travelled to Bangkok alone, stayed in a very nice hostel called Once Again Hostel in the Old Town neighbourhood of the city, it cost me 460 THB per night,

I chose to stay in this neighbourhood as everything I wanted to try like the Nightlife, visit the temples, they were all just a wlaking distance away, and een the Metro line was walkable to it was very conveninent to stay there.

While exploring the temples of Bangkok, there are way too many of them, but I had made my list of 3 that I really wanted to visit,

First one of the list was WAT ARUN which was pretty famous for the glorious sunset site, it being by the river, one can easily get a crazy spot either by the pier or visit a rooftop cafe by the Chao Phraya River.

The best time to visit the Temple otherwise is Sunrise, The cover photo of the story is from the sunrise site, The entry ticket for which is 100 THB and the Ferry ticket to get to the temple cost about 3 THB.

Sunset by Chao Phraya river Sunset by Chao Phraya river

Wat arun blue hour views Wat arun blue hour views

The next in the list was Wat Pho, The best hours of visiting this temple would be anytime after 3pm on a good weather day otherwise Early morning works the best.

The entry ticket for Wat Pho is also 100 THB, and taking photos in these temples is allowed but not video perhaps, I didnot ask why but that's what I was told at the entrance.

Wat Pho Wat Pho

Lastly I had Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram Rajawarawiharn - Marble Temple in my list due to its front architecture and it looks totally marvellous at sunlight falling on the front design until Noon.

The entry Ticket for this temple is 50THB.

Wat Benchamabophit Wat Benchamabophit

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