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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Top 5 Beaches In Nusa Penida


Klingking beach

1) First in the list is ofcourse the ever iconic T-rex or Klingking beach which is shaped liked a Dinosaur's head, and probably the one that gets the most tourists too, If you really want to enjoy the beauty of this beach, I suggest you should get there around sunrise, get down to the beach , which is almost a 40-60 min hike down, pretty exhausting but once you get down, it as rewarding as well.

Gets overly crowded after 8:30 am though so better go as early as possible.

Kling king beach Kling king beach

2) Second in the list comes my personal favourite, Tembling beach which has a lot of hidden gems, what makes it my favourite are a few things, starting with the adventurous way down to it, kinda bumpy but well if you are one who likes off roading then its pretty fun, then there are two natural pools on the way to the beach,

The first one you can enjoy some cliff diving at, as it is 3metres deep. and pretty amazing, then the second ones right by the beach , looks more like a pool you can enjoy just chilling and a bintang at.

Natural pool by tembling beach Natural pool by tembling beach

Then theres the right side of the beach which has balancing stack of stones, pretty interesting, wonder you did it, I came up with a theory that everyone who visits it has to make one so My friend and I did the craziest one. Pretty tricky and time taking but finally did it, and we were so happy to be able to pull it off.

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Sunset from the beach looks just marvellous too.

Then the main beach is very tiny but perhaps the only one yo ucan enjoy being alone or with your partner and have a private pool and swings too.

3) Third in the list is the Crystal bay, perhaps the only beach in Nusa Penida which you can actually drive down to rather than hiking down,

This one beach is also very famous for snorkelling or diving with Manta rays, So if you are a water baby then you might enjoy this alot.

4) Forth in list comes the Broken beach, as the name suggest it is created due to hole made in a hill by mother nature, also if you have a drone, you can enjoy a totally unique perspective of it, its one that you cant really get down to, but well one can enjoy the magnificience of a place from above as well, right next to it is another beach called the Angel Billabong, which is like an infinity pool, go there around mid day to avoi the high tide.

Broken beach aerial view Broken beach aerial view

5) Then last but not the least Diamond beach, as the name suggest , this one has diamond shaped rocks in the ocean , is only the east coast of the island, the beach from the top is only 15 mins hike down and very instagramable stairway down, also has a nice huge swing on the way.

Diamond beach Diamond beach

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