Giants Causeway Myths & Legends!

Giant's Causeway Sunset Picture 24 Feb 2024

Did you know about the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland?

The old legend tells the story of Fionn mac Cumhaill, an Irish GIANT, who constructed the stunning causeway with rocks, so he could fight his enemy in Scotland, a Scottish GIANT known as Benandonner, who wanted fight him.

The way the story ends it is not very clear yet; some versions tell that Fionn Mac Cumhaill won, some other say the exact opposite.

The legends tells that the path built by Fionn mac Cumhaill was somehow destroyed, but part of it is still lying there, in its astonishing beauty.

This is what today they call the Giant’s Causeway , which can be considered one the greatest natural wonder in UK!

You can visit this location on one of the many Giants Causeway Tours which depart Belfast daily.

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