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La Bomba de Tiempo

Drums like you’ve never seen drums before!

Forget Saturday night, it is all about Monday nights in Buenos Aires.

At the recommendation of locals and travellers alike, without a smidgen of doubt, the best night out we had during our week in Argentina’s capital was at Ciudad Cultural Konex, at the hands of a spirited percussion group, quite literally!

La Bomba de Tiempo has been bringing their rhythm and passion to the people of Buenos Aires for the past 12 years.

The group formed in 2006 by Santiago Vázquez, a man keen to bring like-minded musical talents together who would give improvised performances based on his Rhythm and Signs musical language, made up of more than 90 hand signals. The group dynamic has changed a lot since then, including the departure of Vázquez in 2014, but the distinctive musical language remains as they key method of story-telling and now individual members of the 15-strong group take it in turns to direct the performances.

The beauty of improvised-based music, and with the addition of guest performers every week, is that no two performances are the same. We enjoyed the dramatic tunes of an accordion to a sexy tango number with a bassist providing depth the way only bassists can.

Doors open to the outdoor venue (yes, even if it’s raining) at 7pm from which point you can grab a drink at the bar or limber up via a game of table tennis. From 8pm you will be taken on a musical roller-coaster that is energetic, passionate, punchy and powerful. It will grip your heart and control your body and for two hours I invite you to surrender yourself entirely to these musical masterminds.

And your faces will look like this all night! And your faces will look like this all night!

Tickets can be pre-purchased online or bought on site for around $5.50. Ticketholders must be 18 years and over.

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