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Bagan, Myanmar

The City of 2000 Temples


Myanmar is a country full of surprises.

Compared with other countries in South East Asia, it’s still uncontaminated and not exploited yet. Probably it won’t be so for that long.

The beauty of Myanmar dwells right in those places that haven’t been industrialized yet, still maintaining that fascinating atmosphere of simplicity.

Sunset Sunset

Bagan, is one of these places, wrapped in a magical vibe.

Located in the center of the country, Bagan is one of the most popular city is Myanmar, since it is literally filled with 2000 temples.

The so called Old Bagan is a big aerea populated just by temples and stupas, located in the peaceful and silent countryside. It has been declared UNESCO World Heritage!

The magical environment will make you feel like being in a fairy tale!

Bagan is a very chilled and laidback place, restaurants and bars close very early in the evening, so you might probably have some late drinks at your hostel or hotel.

Most of the temples are free of charge, so the best way to get around and visit the area is by renting a e-bike, an electric motorbike, eco-friendly and very easy to drive! There are different places where you can rent it, for a modest price (around 5 euro per day).

E-bike E-bike

The streets in Old Bagan are not busy, so it’s very relaxing and fun to drive around, while enjoying the surrounding scenario.

If you are a sunrise hunter and sunset lover, Bagan will blow your mind. There are, in fact, a lot of spots where to watch the sun coming up and setting, above this marvelous expanse of pagodas.

Sunset in Bagan Sunset in Bagan

Just remember that is not allowed to climb the pagodas anymore, in order to preserve their status.

Bagan is for sure one of the most magical site in Myanmar, where you can relax, watch the sunset and feed yourself with some culture!

You have to pay a entry free of about 12 euros to get inside the city.

Sunset in Bagan Sunset in Bagan

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