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Inle Lake, Myanmar

Where Fishermen Dance On The Water

Fisherman at Inle Lake

Myanmar has got many beautiful and special places. The Burmese cultural heritage is remarkable and unique.

Inle lake, the second biggest lake in the country, is a magical and fairy place, which will amaze you.

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Nyaungshwe is the tiny town around the lake and the main access point: from there you can rent a boat and have a wonderful trip around the lake.

Inle Lake is the main economic source for people living along the shore and on the lake itself. There are, in fact, many stilt houses, restaurants and silk shops built on the water, which create a very enchanting environment.

Your pictures will be just stunning!

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The best way to get around the lake is renting a boat from any of the fishermen and haggle the price.

They will take to the nicest spot where you can watch a very impressive scene: fishermen on their boats have got a unique way of fishing.

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They stand on one leg and use the other leg to row! In this way they can be aware of the reeds and floating plants on the surface of the lake.

It looks like they are dancing while phishing!


Inle Lake has becoming one of the most important tourist attractions. It is a place that offers not only beautiful landscapes and natural scenery, but also different events and festivals.

The most popular is Phaung Daw U Festival, which takes place at the end of September and it lasts 18 days.

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During the festival, visitors can watch traditional boat racings along the lake. Each boat carries a different image of Buddha and they all start rowing from the beautiful Hpaung Daw U Pagoda.

Nyaungshwe town is definitely an unmissable place to visit in Myanmar, where you can relax on a boat trip, get around the small town on a bicycle, have dinner at one of the restaurants at the lake’s shore.

Silk Factory Silk Factory

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Many people, especially backpackers, join a trekking of 1 or 2 nights from Kalaw, a small rural village in the East, to Nyaungshwe. This fascinating route will take you around local villages and Buddhist monasteries, providing an immersive cultural experience.

Myanmar will put a spell on you!


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